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About us

As mothers, collectively, we have 10 children. And as midwives and sonographers, we share one undeniable insight: every pregnancy, birth, and every child is entirely unique. It is our desire that you feel welcome and heard.

Our care revolves around YOU
Uniek Geboortezorg stands for personal attention, where we get to know you and your partner, respect your wishes, and create a customized care plan that perfectly aligns with your needs and expectations. We believe in the power of choice and support various birth plans, continuously striving for a safe and positive experience for you and your baby.

Midwifery and sonography under one roof
From very early in pregnancy, we perform ultrasounds where you can see new life forming. With our wide range of ultrasound options, we follow the growth of your baby during this unique journey.

A permanent team
for all the care you need

Samantha de Roode
Midwide and Sonographer

Rosanne about Samantha:
“Samantha is a powerful, passionate woman with her heart in the right place. We’ve been colleagues for 7 years now, supporting each other through thick and thin (quite literally). You can’t only wake Sam up for a delivery, but also for SUSHI, SUSHI, and more SUSHI. This is on her menu at least once a week.”

Rosanne van Jole
Midwide and Sonographer

Samantha about Rosanne:
“Rosanne is brutally honest, a powerhouse mama, and a bonus mom. We’re ‘colleague besties’, so often, just one word is enough between us. While most people enjoy some complete relaxation (read: in the sauna), Roos’s mind is constantly spinning with ideas. She comes up with a mountain of new ideas to make our work even more enjoyable and better.”

Why Uniek Geboortezorg?

After many years of experience as midwives in Almere, we noticed that there were plenty of missed opportunities, especially in the period after childbirth, a crucial phase that we feel deserves extra focus.

Midwifery care in the Netherlands is beautiful, wonderful, and well-organized. However, the postpartum period for mothers often lacks adequate support. In our daily work and personal lives, we’ve encountered mothers who sometimes feel lost. They impose unrealistic expectations on themselves and feel pressured to enjoy every moment. They may also struggle to admit how challenging it can be to have such a significant responsibility for a small, beautiful new life.

We want to provide more support for mothers in this regard. That’s why we offer our postpartum program ‘UNIEK mama.’ In this program, we, as midwives, discuss important topics with you and other mothers, such as urinary incontinence, exercise, intimacy, breastfeeding, formula feeding, and returning to work. We collaborate with professionals such as lactation consultants, pelvic floor physiotherapists, and fitness instructors. This special program is all about you, mama. It’s dedicated time and attention for you.

Unfortunately, the costs of this ‘UNIEK mama’ course are not yet covered by insurance. However, we are actively discussing reimbursement options with several health insurers.

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