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Privacy statement

This privacy statement has been drawn up for Uniek Geboortezorg. In this privacy statement, we explain how Uniek Geboortezorg handles the processing of personal data. This privacy statement describes, among other things, which personal data are collected and for what purpose the personal data are used.

About Uniek Geboortezorg
Uniek Geboortezorg is located in the Almere region (official registered address: Edvard Munchweg 97, 1328 MK Almere) and registered (under registration number 91930839) with the Chamber of Commerce.

For questions about this privacy statement, Uniek Geboortezorg can be reached at telephone number +31 (0) 6 10 45 18 34 or by sending an email to hallo@uniekgeboortezorg.nl.

The AVG is the law on the protection of privacy and personal data. An organization that works with personal data has certain obligations under this law, and those whose data are processed have certain rights. Specific rules apply to privacy in healthcare, which are listed, among others, in the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO). This privacy statement is intended to inform you about your rights and obligations under the AVG and the WGBO.

Various personal data may be processed by Uniek Geboortezorg. This is necessary to provide you with proper medical guidance and for the financial settlement of the care provided.

The duties of our midwifery practice
According to AVG legislation, Uniek Geboortezorg is responsible for the processing of personal data that takes place in the practice. Uniek Geboortezorg fulfills the obligations arising from this as follows:

  • Your data are collected for specific purposes such as for providing care, supporting scientific research, education and information, and for efficient management and policy.
  • If your personal data are processed, you will be informed about this. This can be done by your midwife, our website, or a leaflet.
    The midwives in our practice are obliged to handle your personal data confidentially.
  • Processing does not take place for purposes other than those mentioned above.
  • Personal data are properly secured against unauthorized access.
  • Personal data are not retained longer than necessary. For medical data, this retention period is at least 15 years.

What personal data are processed by Uniek Geboortezorg?
Name, first names, initials, gender, date of birth, address, postal code, place of residence, telephone number, email address, and similar data of the pregnant woman and her partner needed for communication. Medical data and other special personal data, including citizen service number, if and insofar as necessary for the execution of the medical treatment agreement and the billing of costs to the health insurer;

Address data for the purpose of quality monitoring and follow-up of the treatment within the framework of quality monitoring Population Screening Act (counseling data and prenatal screening);

Complaints and comments about the treatment of the person concerned.

Other data that are strictly necessary for proper treatment and settlement of the treatment.

The above list is not exhaustive and may vary depending on the treatment agreement.

Your rights as a data subject
You have the following rights:

  • The right to know whether and which personal data about you are being processed.
  • The right to access and obtain a copy of that data (to the extent that the privacy of others is not thereby harmed).
  • The right to correct, supplement, or delete data if necessary.
  • The right to request (partial) destruction of your medical data. This can only be done if keeping the data is not significantly important to someone else and the data do not have to be kept on the basis of a legal regulation.
  • The right to add your own statement (of a medical nature) to your file.
  • The right to object to the processing of your data in certain cases.

If you wish to exercise your rights, you can do so orally to us. Your interests can also be represented by a representative (such as a written representative, or your guardian or mentor).

Disclosure of your personal data to third parties
The midwives of Uniek Geboortezorg are obliged to handle your personal data confidentially. For example, the midwife needs your explicit consent to disclose your personal data. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. The confidentiality of the midwife can be breached on the basis of a legal provision, as well as when there is reason to fear serious harm to your health or that of a third party. In addition, recorded data may be orally, in writing, or digitally exchanged with other care providers (for example, when transferring to the hospital or the pharmacist who processes a prescription and thus receives data).

Transfer of your file
If you switch to another midwifery practice due to, for example, a move or other reason, it is important that your new midwife is aware of your medical history and the course of the pregnancy(ies) and any previous delivery(ies). This information is in your medical file. It is customary for us to transfer your medical file to the new midwifery practice. We will always ask for your permission for this, by signing a consent form.

Online registration of personal data
Personal data are registered in the online midwifery registration system Vrumun, which complies with security standards set by the AVG law. Only midwives registered by the practice have access to this system. These healthcare providers are subject to a legal obligation of confidentiality (professional secrecy).

Registration of name, address, date of birth, citizen service number (BSN), and health insurance number are digitally processed for the purpose of maintaining a customer database, identity verification, and submitting claims to the health insurer.

Email Address
Email addresses are digitally processed for the purpose of processing your registration, inviting participation in surveys for the evaluation of the services provided by Uniek Geboortezorg. This is done through both secure and unsecure email.

Medical data and exchange with third-party healthcare providers are conducted via secure email.

Sharing of Health Status with Other Healthcare Providers
The processing of data about the health status of the client in the present and past, the health status of the (future) child, the examinations, and treatments performed are registered for the purpose of providing care. These data are only shared with other healthcare providers if medically necessary and for the purpose of care.

Zorgdomein and Zorgmail are the secure systems used for communication with other healthcare providers.

Healthcare providers to whom we sometimes provide medically necessary data include gynecologists, clinical midwives, pediatricians, general practitioners, childcare centers, maternity care, and the health insurer for billing purposes.

This system is used to communicate with health insurers.

Registration and Appointment Making
When you fill in the registration form on www.uniekgeboortezorg.nl, the data you provide will only be used to manage your registration and make an appointment. Your personal data are processed to handle your registration. This personal data must be filled in mandatory.

This data processing is necessary to serve the legitimate interest of Uniek Geboortezorg in you. This interest specifically consists of the interest of Uniek Geboortezorg in processing your registration in the medical system.

Improving Our Services
If you have given consent or provided data for the purpose of improving our services, your data may be used to improve our services. This includes, for example, a feedback form or consent for the use of cookies.

Questions or Complaints
If you want to know more about this privacy statement, for example, about with whom we share data or how we handle your medical data, we are happy to discuss this with you if desired.

This privacy statement may be changed. It is therefore advisable to consult this privacy statement regularly. The current version of this privacy statement was last modified on December 30, 2023.

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