20-week ultrasound: discover the magic of ultrasound

What is a 20-week Ultrasound?
The 20-week ultrasound, also known as the “anatomy scan” or “structural ultrasound,” is a medical ultrasound typically performed between the 18th and 21st week of pregnancy. During this ultrasound, the major organs and structures of the fetus are thoroughly assessed. It provides detailed insight into the development and health of your baby.

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What to expect during the 20-week ultrasound?
From careful measurements of the fetus size to thorough assessments of organs and structures, the 20-week ultrasound provides a comprehensive view of the baby’s development and can detect any abnormalities at an early stage. After the ultrasound, our sonographers discuss their findings and any necessary follow-up steps. They are also available to answer all your questions.

Why choose a 20-week ultrasound at Uniek Geboortezorg?
Our sonographers provide essential information about your pregnancy in a personal and caring manner, ensuring that you leave the ultrasound with valuable insights and a sense of trust. At Uniek Geboortezorg, we believe in thorough preparation and detailed information to support you optimally in the next phase of your pregnancy. We are ready to share this special moment with you.

When should you see a gynecologist for a 20-week ultrasound?
There are situations in which a pregnant woman may be referred to a gynecologist for the 20-week ultrasound, depending on specific medical conditions. Some situations where this may occur include:

  • High Risk pregnancy
  • Previous complications
  • Medical conditions
  • Genetic considerations

The decision to have a 20-week ultrasound performed by a gynecologist depends on the individual health situation of the pregnant woman. The referral may come from the general practitioner, midwife, or other healthcare providers, based on the specific needs and circumstances of the pregnancy.

More information about the 13 and 20 week ultrasound?
Visit the website www.pns.nl. There, you can find details about prenatal screenings and postnatal care.
Additionally, you can read the brochure specifically dedicated to the 13-week and 20-week ultrasound. If you’re interested in learning more about lifestyle, examinations, courses, and the role of a midwife, you’ll also find various brochures on this page covering a wide range of important topics.

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