Giving birth;
how and where YOU want

At Uniek Geboortezorg, everything revolves around supporting you during the most crucial moment: childbirth. We’re here to discuss your preferences and inform you about the ideal first contact moment when contractions have started.

Around the 30th week, we schedule a comprehensive appointment with you to discuss childbirth. Together, we’ll discuss where you want to give birth – at home or in the hospital, who you’d like to have close to you, and your preferred birthing positions.

Birth plan

A birth is unpredictable, and – as cliché as it may sound – every delivery is different. Nevertheless, together we can influence certain aspects of childbirth. Your comfort is paramount, and you choose where you want to give birth. Birth locations could be at home or in the hospital. You can even change your initial choice, even after contractions have started.

What’s important to you?
Who do you want close to you during your delivery? What birthing positions are you considering? How do you want to manage the pain? Do you prefer breastfeeding or bottle feeding for your baby? Together, we’ll take the time to discuss your wishes thoroughly and carefully document them. This way, during labor, we can provide you and your baby with care that perfectly aligns with your preferences.

Water birth

Are you considering giving birth in water? Water birth has several benefits. The warm water provides comfort during contractions and ensures a smoother transition for the baby from the womb to the outside world. Both at home and in the hospital, a birthing pool is available for deliveries. If you’re interested in a water birth, we’re happy to tell you all about the possibilities. Planning to give birth at home in a bathtub? We recommend that you rent a birthing pool yourself.

Pain relief

Giving birth can be painful, but don’t worry; your body is truly made for this and will naturally go through all the necessary stages. Your body produces endorphins that help you relax between contractions. Various techniques such as massage, changing positions, warm water, or a TENS machine can provide relief. Our guidance is focused on pain relief from the moment contractions become regular. In the hospital, pain relief with medication is an option.

Do you feel like labor has started?

Call the on-call midwife immediately if:

  • You have regular contractions for an hour (every 4-5 minutes, lasting 60 seconds).
  • Your water breaks and it is clear. Is it in the middle of the night? Try to rest a bit more. Call us immediately in the morning. Is it during the day? Call us right away!
  • Your waters is green or a different color.
  • You’re losing blood without mucus or with reduced baby movement.


Care during the postpartum period

After the birth of your baby, we, along with the maternity nurse, will help you get off to a good start. The maternity nurse plays an important role in signaling for you and the baby during the postpartum period. If there are any concerns, she will discuss them with us immediately. She monitors the baby’s weight daily, checks their complexion, temperature, and counts the number of wet and soiled diapers. She also keeps a close eye on you. She checks for any stitches, takes your temperature, and checks your pulse.

We recommend arranging postnatal care around the 16th week of your pregnancy. The maternity nurse is present during a home birth, hospital birth, and/or during the first week after birth.

Do you want to breastfeed?
Find out more about the guidance we can provide to ensure both you and your baby are comfortable and healthy during this process.

A permanent team
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