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Pregnancy ultrasounds

At Uniek Geboortezorg we guide you through exploring and admiring the life that is growing within you. You can come to us for the following ultrasounds. If you are our client, you will receive a standard early ultrasound.

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The journey of life begins with the discovery of growth

At Uniek Geboortezorg, we offer a wide range of ultrasounds throughout pregnancy to embrace every unique moment of this journey. The images from the ultrasounds will be sent to you via a link so you can continue to admire them at home.

Vitality ultrasound (7+ weeks)
Explore the embryo with an early (transvaginal) ultrasound. We examine the location of the uterus and may reveal a multiple pregnancy. An ultrasound between 7-8 weeks is ideal for this. Read more…

Term ultrasound (10 – 13 weeks)
This medical scan accurately determines the due date and monitors the development of your baby. Read more…

13-week ultrasound (12+3 – 14+3 weeks)
A comprehensive ultrasound that can detect any serious physical abnormalities early. Your baby’s health will be thoroughly examined. Read more…

Gender determination ultrasound14 – 17 weeks)
Discover the gender of your baby from 14 weeks, including an assessment of position and size. Read more…

20-week ultrasound (18 – 21 weeks)
A detailed screening of vital aspects, from the brain to the limbs, to identify serious physical conditions and evaluate your baby’s growth. Read more…


2D ultrasound by request (24+ weeks)
Request this ultrasound for growth, position, and amniotic fluid assessment. Read more..

3D, 4D and 6D ultrasound (24 – 30 weeks)
Enjoy realistic images with a 3D, 4D and 6D ultrasound. Read more…

Growth ultrasound (28 – 36 weeks)
Receive information about your baby’s development. During this ultrasound, we assess the baby’s growth and the amount of amniotic fluid, among other things. Read more…

Placental localization (30 – 32 weeks)
During a placental localization ultrasound, we examine the position of the placenta. This is essential information for a safe pregnancy and proper guidance. Read more…

Positioning ultrasound (around 35 weeks)
With a positioning ultrasound, you gain insight into your baby’s position, the position of the head, and the amount of amniotic fluid present, among other things. Read more…

Our Expertise

Uniek Geboortezorg creates a warm, supportive environment for parents during the ultrasound appointments. These are among the most intimate moments shared with your little one.

“Our goal is to make each ultrasound a beautiful experience. Witnessing your little one’s movements remains a magical moment.”

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