Samantha de Roode

I am Samantha, and I warmly welcome you to Uniek Geboortezorg, where my passions for caring, hard work, and entrepreneurship all come together. Let me take you into my world. As a midwife, I am not just someone who handles everything; I am also a proud mother of six wonderful children. My dedication to my own children is reflected in the care I provide to you, my valued client.

My heart beats faster for midwifery, and I combine that passion with my love for ultrasound. During an ultrasound, you will immediately notice that I not only look at what appears on the screen, but that I understand what is happening in your pregnancy and everything that comes with it. Whether we are together for a check-up, an ultrasound, or during labor, I consciously create a homely atmosphere. I want you to feel at ease.

Honesty is my trademark. I share my thoughts without hesitation and treat you as I would want to be treated – with respect, understanding, and attention to your wishes. Joint decision-making is essential to me. I stand beside you, not above you, to provide the best care together.

I hope to radiate the calmness I feel inside, even in moments that can be hectic. My care is not only professional but also personal. As a mother, I care for mothers and never forget the involvement of partners and other children.

At Uniek Geboortezorg, you are not just an ordinary client; you are part of a warm, knowledgeable whole. I am here to guide you, support you, and create an unforgettable experience together.

With unique regards,

Samantha de Roode

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