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Growth ultrasound: discover the magic of ultrasound

What is a growth ultrasound
A Growth ultrasound is a medical ultrasound performed to assess the growth and development of the fetus. This scan is often prescribed as part of prenatal care, especially when there are suspicions of growth restriction or other related concerns. The growth ultrasound provides detailed information about the size and health of your baby.

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What to expect during the growth ultrasound?
From careful measurements of fetal size to evaluating overall growth and development. A growth ultrasound can detect any deviations in growth early on. After the scan, our ultrasound technicians will discuss your questions and their findings, providing information on possible next steps.

Why a growth ultrasound at Uniek Geboortezorg?
We offer advice, reassurance, and support to ensure you enter the next phase of your pregnancy with confidence. The team at Uniek Geboortezorg is small-scale, consisting of 2 trusted professionals. This allows for a personalized approach and tailored maternity care.