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Uniek MAMA course

Indulge yourself with the Unique MAMA Course offered by Uniek Geboortezorg. The MAMA course is a unique program spanning several weeks, entirely focused on postpartum well-being. Our course is supported by experienced professionals, including a lactation consultant, pelvic floor physiotherapist, mama coach, and expert midwives. We provide you with a comprehensive coaching approach for physical recovery, emotional well-being, with complete expert guidance.

Uniek mama cursus
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Step by step, we guide you through a journey of self-care and recovery, focusing on nurturing both you as a mother and your precious little one. With attention to the physical aspects of recovery and emotional support, we lay the foundation for a healthy and happy start for you and your baby.

You deserve the best, and that’s why we invite you to enroll today for this compassionate and caring postpartum experience. Give yourself and your little one the perfect start because every mother deserves a moment of loving attention and expert care.

“We offer personalized maternity care tailored to provide the best start in life for your baby. But we also see YOU, mama. At Uniek Geboortezorg it’s about nurturing both the growing bond with your baby and caring for you as a (new) mother. We stand by your side during pregnancy and childbirth. In the period afterward, we provide the postpartum care YOU need with the ‘Uniek MAMA’ course. It is our mission to give every mother the unique and personalized care journey she deserves.”

Unique regards,

Samantha de Roode & Rosanne van Jole
Midwives and sonographers